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Download Brawl Stars 26.184 with controller settings


The April update to Brawl Stars, which made minor changes. Also added a new function to control the placement of joysticks.

We waited for the functionality that had long been lacking in Brawl Stars. Namely, the controls for the controllers in Brawl Stars. This version of the game is just a minor update, so you can notice it, since the previous version also works. In order for you to have the controller settings, you need to upgrade to version Brawl Stars 26.184.

Setting up controllers in Brawl Stars

After updating the game client, you can configure the buttons as you need. To do this, you need to go to the settings and click on the “Change management” button

Change management in Brawl Stars

After that, you will be taken to the training cave, where you can control the buttons and their size.

Button controls in Brawl Stars

The list of changes in Brawl Stars 26.184:

  1. Added joystick control settings in the training cave;
  2. Fixed a bug due to which the shadows of the boxes, from the collision mode, remained on the ground after destruction;
  3. Fixed problems with layering;
  4. Fixed problems with notifications;
  5. Fixed an issue where Mr. P’s health indicator moved too high on the screen after turning off the gadget;
  6. Fixed a bug due to which the automatic range of Sprout did not take into account the additional range of projectile bounce from the attack;


Updated Brawl Stars 26.184 – 14/04/2020

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