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Brawl Stars 35.179 Download with the new brawler Belle and Squeak


Update 22.05.2021. Brawl Stars 35.179

Today at Brawl Talk we were told about the Brawl Stars update with the brawlers – Belle and Squeak. In addition, the developers have announced a ton of new skins and emojis. New game modes, new maps in the editor, the beginning of the 6th season and the Brawl Pass.

New brawler Belle

Added new chromatic brawler -Belle! Belle is a criminal who loves to rob banks in any cities she can find. Her main attack is an electrical blast that moves from enemy to enemy until they disperse. Her super is a special shot, after which enemies take more damage from any source for a short time. It can be obtained upon reaching a certain level in the Brawl Pass. Added a new brawler – Squeak! Health: 5040.

  • 2 brawlers have been added – Belle and Squeak
  • The 6th season of the Brawl Pass.
  • Promotions of the day
  • Skins for a Belle, Colt, Tara, Amber, Edgar, 8-Bit, Bea, Sandy, Volt
  • Loading Screen – new
  • Pins for penny and others

Download Brawl Stars 35.179 – Belle and Squeak

The latest version of Brawl Stars with Belle and Squeak 35.179. Download the latest private server Nulls Brawl.

Download Nulls Brawl with Belle and Squeak private server

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