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Clash of Clans Balance Update – March 2019


Balance update Clash of Clans march 2019An update is expected soon, and we would like to share a few upcoming balance changes that will be released in this update, so read the full details below.

New Building Levels

Level 17 Archer Tower

  • Upgrade cost: 12,000,000 gold
  • Update time: 12 days
  • DPS: 122
  • HP: 1430

Level 17 gun

  • Upgrade cost: 12,000,000 gold
  • Update time: 12 days
  • DPS: 132
  • HP: 1740

Troop Levels

When we published new changes in the game economy, many astute observers noticed changes in witch levels starting from TH10. And, as you may have guessed, we are adding a new level for the Witch on TH12. In addition, we also added a new level to Hog Rider and Ice Golem. New statistics can be found below:

Witch Level 5

  • Lab Level 10
  • Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
  • Update time: 14 days
  • Level 5 statistics:
  • DPS: 180
  • HP: 480
  • Training cost: 275 Dark Elixir
  • Max units called: 14
  • Training time: 3m

Hog Rider Level 9

  • Lab Level 10
  • Upgrade cost: 240,000 Dark Elixir
  • Update time: 14 days
  • Level 9 statistics:
  • DPS: 161
  • HP: 920
  • Tuition: Dark Elixir 120
  • Workout time: 45 s

Ice Golem Level 5

  • Lab Level 10
  • Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
  • Update time: 14 days
  • Level 5 statistics:
  • DPS: 40
  • HP: 3400
  • Training cost: 300 dark elixirs
  • Freeze time on destruction: 7 seconds
  • Training time: 3m

Game balance change

In this update, we also introduce balancing for several units!

Ice Golem

When an ice golem takes deadly damage, it releases a powerful freeze spell that can be quite destructive for attacks or defenses, depending on its role. Because of this unique utility, we are introducing a new balance for Ice Golem, which will change the way his Freeze Spell spell functions, depending on whether it is used in attack or defense.

Changes to freeze spells for the defensive ice golem:

  1. Level 1: 4s reduced to 2.5 s
  2. Level 2: 4.75 seconds reduced to 2.75 seconds
  3. Level 3: 5.5 s to 3 s
  4. Level 4: 6.25 s reduced to 3.25 s
  5. Level 5: 3.5 sec

Changes to freeze spells for the offensive ice golem:

Freezing radius increased by 36% for all levels.

What does it mean? If you use the ice golems in your clan’s castle for defensive purposes, the duration of the freeze spell will be reduced. If you use ice golems to attack, the original freeze spell duration is used and the radius has been increased by 36%.

Tornado Trap

The vortex duration of each Tornado Trap level has been reduced.

  1. Level 1: 6s reduced to 5 seconds
  2. Level 2: 8s reduced to 6 seconds
  3. Level 3: 10s reduced to 7 seconds

What does it mean? If your attacking units fall into the Tornado Trap, the amount of time during which they find themselves in the swirling whirlwind of death will be reduced depending on the level of the Trap that the defensive base has. In this way, your troops will spend less time spinning around and more time spreading destruction to your enemies!

Snake and Bomb

An all-well-loved bone bag gets a slight increase in HP from levels 5-8, but the damage from bomb traps at levels 7 and 8 will also increase.

HP Wallbroken:

Level 5: 42 → 53

Level 6: 54 → 72

Level 7: 62 → 82

Level 8: 70 → 92

Bomb damage:

Level 7: 63 → 72

Level 8: 72 → 92

Builder’s Village

We have a couple of balance changes for Base Builder, which will also be included in this update.

Giant Cannon:

The giant cannon will no longer hit the war machine several times and does a tremendous amount of damage. This will cause the specified amount of damage to the War Machine.

What does it mean? Your War Machine will last even longer in the face of the Giant Cannon and will no longer take huge damage.

Fighting vehicle:

The combat vehicle regeneration time has been reduced to match the training time in your training camps.

What does it mean? Your combat vehicle will be ready even faster than ever, which will allow you to attack earlier!

Improving the quality of life

We add a new option to darken the cloud screen. This new “dark cloud” mode will reduce the brightness of the clouds, making them a little easier for the eyes; especially if you are playing in a dark room or feeling a bit sensitive to bright white light.

You can access this option from the settings menu. Just go to Settings – & gt; Advanced Settings – & gt; Use dark clouds in Home Village. This will turn on a darker option for your screen.

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