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Clash of Lights 2.0.7 private server


Another great private server is Clash of Light. On the expanses of the network it is simply called a private COL server. At the end of March 2018, there was the last update of COL. Although this is not a very powerful server, but it is played by a lot of players from all over the world, because he has 3 different ones. One of them is confined to the bourgeois. The server is stable enough, but sometimes it does not work.

The latest version of the private server Clash of Light 2.0.7 added all possible maps. On it, as well as almost everywhere an unlimited number of crystals and gold. Endless opening of the chests, so that at once you can open all the cards.

What’s new:

  1. New maps added
  2. Fixed bugs
  3. Ability to play PvP
  4. The ability to play 2 to 2

Private Server COL – 2.0.7 2018>

The latest version is for March 2018.

Clash of Lights 2.0.1 Private Server

An earlier version of the server is working, but it’s better to download the update.

Bourges private server Clash of Light

On this server are foreign players, but you can also conduct your own battles on it.

Everyone who has not played on these servers is worth a try. Everything is infinite, on such servers you can hone the skill of the game. These private COL servers can be installed on both the phone, the tablet with the android system, and on bluestacks

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