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Clash Palace S1 2.0.0 Private Server


Recently, a new and already popular private server of the game Clash Royale – Clash Palace S1. The server was developed by the representatives of Clash of Magic. Like all other servers, it has free crystals and gold. The game runs on a powerful dedicated server, which ensures that during the game there will be no lag and lag, or there will be some error or worse, just fly out. He works 24/7, which should please the players.

This server has become a competitor of well-proven Nulls Royale and Paul Modz. I recommend that everyone try it out, you can put it on both the android device, and on your PC through the blues.

Clash Palace S1 Server Features

  1. Playing in PvP mode
  2. Fighting 2 to 2
  3. Creating your own clan
  4. Opportunity to join a foreign clan
  5. Free opening of trunks, endless crystals and gold
  6. The ability to modify maps
  7. 8 modified cards are already in play
  8. Ability to add custom maps



Download private server Clash Palace S1 2.0.0

And this is the bluestacks, that would play on the computer.

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  1. This is good game

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