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Clash Royale balance change – December 3, 2018


The last balance change in 2018 will occur on December 3rd. The ElectroDrakon card used not so often in the decks has already undergone a change. In addition to the usual units were still building changes. namely Tesla and Elika collector, which is very interesting. What do you think you need to change in the balance? Leave a comment.

The balance in December will change like this:

1. ElectroDragon: life -5%, the first attack will be slower

The newest ElectroDrakon turned out to be a little stronger than we would like! We are going to slow down the initial attack to allow the opponent to react to the placement. Reducing Hitpoints allows enemy troops to defeat him more easily.

2. Royal Recruits: Elixir Cost decreased 8 – & gt; 7, attack speed slower 1.2 – & gt; 1.3

Royal Recruits were very strong for 6 elixirus, and for 8, this is too expensive. We set them up at 7 elixir with a small change in attack speed, ideally this is a good balance for such a unique squad.

3. Barbarian Barrel: Damage -5%

We are absolutely excited about the increasing use of the Barbarian Barrel. It is a good alternative to Zapu and the log, but his gain was too high. We reduce its damage to match the arrows, not allowing archers to be defeated by throwing a barrel.

4. Tesla: The first attack is faster.

The Tesla Tower has been preparing for too long before the first attack. Electro Wizard and Master Builder took the key to creating them to speed this first shock. This should make Tesla feel better as a powerful defense, especially against a crossbow.

5. Archers: Damage + 2.5%, health -1%

A humble pair of archers went out of fashion for more distant musketeers and utilitarian wizards. These settings fix a few bugs and work with a small buff for this duet.

6. Ice Wizard: Damage + 10%, life -11%

Ice Wizard is a balancing card since its release. He survives the usual spells (such as poison), which kill much more expensive wizards. In the battle for the Arena or in the clan wars, the Ice Sorcerer is meant to kill skeletons, but this interaction fails if it is lower level. These double changes affect both of these problems, ideally keeping the winning percentage about the same, but representing a much more intuitive gameplay on both sides of the Arena.

7. Giant Snowball: damage + 14%

The giant snowball is a very fun spell to play with, but unlike the Barbarian Barrel, it did not rise to compete with the other 2 Elik spells. We increase the damage to match Zap, reducing the trade-off between two spells. Players can choose a slower moving shot or instant.

8. Elixir Collector: No longer appears in the hands (among the first 4 cards)

This elixir building is one of the most unusual cards in the game. It distorts the fight more than any other card when it is in your hand at the start. This change will make the elixir collector always in the fifth or eighth slot of your deck, requiring a little action before you can play it.

9. Freezing: duration 5 sec. Harmful area

Freezing was a difficult card for balance, because it was upgraded for a length of time instead of damage or lives. We decided to remake the Frost into a constant duration with little damage value. This makes it competitive with a tornado as a slightly damaging card that can be used in battle in both attack and defense.

Of course, now for many decks. where expensive change cards by the collector can lead to abandoning them. All the same, if immediately on the hands of no collector. it is much more difficult to play a deck with a golem, but we will test.

Video on changing balance in December 2018

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