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Clash Royale balance change – January 7, 2019


The balance change in Clash Royale on January 7, 2019 affected the barbarians the most. As many as three cards, a barbaric barrel, a hut with barbarians, and a ram were changed. The most anticipated change received a healing card that was very rarely used, she was given only 1 elik to use, which should make it an excellent option in cheap decks and if you’ve already picked up, you can add it to your site. A freeze was also affected, the mechanics of which were changed that month.

The balance in December will change like this:

1. Healing: the cost of the elixir is reduced by from 3 to 1 elik, the duration is reduced from 2.5 – 2, treatment / sec -63%

Healing was an expensive spell, reducing the cost of healing to 1 makes it more attractive for decks with Hog Rider, Miner or Goblin Barrel. Do not be afraid! Decks such as with the Three Musketeers will not be able to withstand the Fireball and Zapu.

2. Magic Archer: first attack faster

Magic Archer was changed two months ago, but the effect was more than expected. This card is unique, it opens up many opportunities for thinking players. Therefore, part (but not all) of his first attack speed is returned to return his choice to the decks.

3. Goblin Giant: Hit points + 3%, goblin spear range increased

Goblin Giant – one of the least used cards for winning the game, but one of the most fun. We want to bring him closer to vitality by increasing his life and letting his goblins throw spears a little further. As they ride in his backpack, they use the farthest point for throws!

4. Golem: reducing the drop from the death of small golems

In all areas of golemics less than their big dad Golem. One of the characteristics where they are the same is the damage caused by the explosion, creating strange situations where tiny golems throw large troops into several cells. Garbage has been halved to feel more intuitive and easier to protect against them.

5. Freeze: tower damage -65%

Since the alteration last month, Freeze has dealt full damage to the Towers. This is not consistent with other destructive spells, so we applied -65% damage to the Towers.

6. Sparky: range increased from 4.5 to 4.75

This electric machine needed a slight positive effect, as the increasingly popular Thunderbird stops her. This slight increase in range will allow it to blow it up and capture the turret under the sight a little earlier.

7. Battle ram: damage by strike -11%

Battle ram has become a critical component in many high win rate decks. From three musketeers to P.E.K.K.A and decks with a Barbarian hut and a Horsewoman on a ram consistently superior in attack, while simultaneously providing a protective block in a pinch. We want to make it a little less powerful when it connects, which makes it more compatible with Hog in attack.

8. Barbarian Hut: health -7%

The barbarian Hut has remained unchanged for many years and during this time it has entered and left the deck. The problem is that when it is used, it becomes an indestructible wall of protection. Last month, the Barbarian Hut had the highest win rate in the game, so we are adjusting the health of the building to lower it.

9. Barbaric Barrel: discarding time reduced

Barbarian Barrel raised the usage graph and odds after a recent buff that made Barbarian turn around a bit faster. This made his first attack almost instantaneous and prevented counterplay. We are returning half the increase, trying to bring it to an acceptable level of winnings.

10. Valkyrie: Strike speed increased from 1.6 – 1.5

We spent this month revisiting previous balance changes to see where we overdid it. The last change this month will be at Valkyrie. For some time she was very popular, but her percentage of winnings fell far below the 45% we are striving for, so we adjusted it a little.

Now, again, Valkyrie will start to use all at all, well, and finally the Goblin Giant may be more likely to occur in decks.

Video on changing balance in January 2019

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