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Clash Royale Update 3.2.0 November 2019


Today, the 27th of November began the Clash Royale update. New version 3.2.0 in which there will be a new map Healer-warrior. This update prepares Arena for Season 6: Clashmas, starting December 2. Find out what’s new below!

What’s new in November update

  1. All games are now 5 MINUTES, not 6!
  2. Extra time now lasts 2 minutes instead of 3 and includes the generation of elixir x3 at the last minute.

Почему мы сделали эти изменения?
We wanted to get a more exciting and exciting experience for the players than the current 2 minutes of the usual Elixir and then 4 minutes x2 of the Elixir.

In the new system, ALL game modes will be the same length, regardless of the number of trophies. This should make the overall game system more cohesive as the player walks through Trophy Road.

With a combination of lengths, this new system will make battles faster and more technical in the last 2 minutes. The limit of skills will be significantly increased in x3 Elixir, where players will need to complete the cycle faster and be predictive instead of purely reactive, and a more creative game will be rewarded.

Elixir switches to other game modes

Double / Triple Elixir

5 minutes instead of 6 minutes

Sudden death

Duration 3 minutes 5 minutes

2 minutes x2 Elixir
3 minutes x3 Elixir

Ramp Up

Every minute increases elixir speed

1 min = x1 elixir
2 min = x2 elixir
3 min = x3 elixir
4 min = x4 elixir
5 min = x5 elixir

Appearance Modes (Hog Rush, etc.)

1 min = x1 elixir
2 and 3 min = x2 elixir
4 and 5 min = x3 elixir

Clash Royale balance change in November 2019

We add Area Damage back to the Witch and revert the changes we made to the Executioner. Read more about these changes here.

We also remodel the arrows to function a little differently, making them a little more powerful! Read the full changes below.


Runs 3 waves instead of 1 (total 0.4 s)
Damage + 23%


Hit Points: + 5%
Impact Speed: + 4%
Range: increased (4 – 5; 4.5 – 6.5)
Projectile Radius: + 25% (800; 1000)
Damage: -45%


Area Damage for Attacks Added
Damage: -49%
Impact Speed: + 35% (1.7; 1.1 s)

New map in Clash Royale – Warrior Healer

We redid the screens of information about our map!

Map preview

See how the map looks and plays in the Arena
The map preview shows some clear examples of how and how to NOT use the card.

More statistics

Now we have more space for statistics, and we will add more detailed information to these map screens.

Card image

Enjoy the new work of your favorite characters! Over time, those who do not have



Banned cards:

Hog Rider
Royal Hogs
Ram Rider


Each player now receives one “fast runner” (for example, Hog Rider) and one “big runner” (for example, Giant)


Royal Hogs added to Arena 7 award node
Added Heal to Arena 10 Award Knot
Elixir Golem added to Arena 11 award node

Bug fixes and changes

Gold rewards for victory now remain consistent with Arena
Mortal damage no longer deals damage to towers in tiebreaks
Updated text localization for screens with map information.
Updated Triple Draft Informational Text
Fixed super annoying notification after unlocking Tower Skin
Fixed some problems with the user interface layer size
Fixed several crashes
Fixed a bug due to which the wrong card was selected and played. Hi Reddit!
Player’s hand now loads cards faster



Download Clash Royale 3.2.0

November 27, 2019 Patch

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