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Download Nulls Brawl Private Server from Sandy 21.73


Sandy to Private Server Nulls Brawl Stars 21.73Sandy in a private Nulls Brave Stars server 21.73. Sandy is a legendary browler, which appeared recently in the game. His stellar power will throw stones at rivals, and a sandstorm will save friends in the team. Want to play forever sleepy Sandy on a private server for free, then download Nulls Brawl Stars 21.73.

What’s new in version 21.73

  1. Sandy’s fighter is already on the server
  2. Temporarily disabled online battles
  3. Fighting with bots available
  4. Unlimited gems
  5. Unlimited Gold
  6. Open the chests
  7. New skins and passions in the game
  8. Cleared online from old players, servers became faster

Features of the legendary character Sandy – Health 4000HP, damage 900. Now 2 skins are available for him. Its super is a sandstorm. Star Power: Harmful Power, Healing Wind. Browler Elemental Manager Sandy Land. Already ready to look at him? Then download the Bravo Stars Nulls 21.73 private server from Sandy.

Download Null’s Brawl Stars 21.73 private server from Sandy

The working version of the game at the time of adding is 10/01/2019.

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