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Download Nulls Brawl Private Server with 8 BIT


A new update to the private Nulls Brawl server version 20.93 has been released in which a new 8-bit browser has appeared. Stable version since the developers updated the server for the game. Now x86 support has been added to the game. This will allow you to run the game on Windows emulators.

What’s New in Version 20.93

  1. Server updated to v20.93
  2. Browler Available – 8 Bit
  3. Added x86 allowing you to bet on emulators
  4. New skins for browlers
  5. New passives
  6. Fixed crash issue
  7. Fixed team invitation

Download Null’s Brawl Stars 20.93 Private Server with 8 Bit

The working version at the time of adding is September 7, 2019.

Private LBrawl Server

Working private LBrawl server with 8 Bit

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