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How to participate in the league Clash Royale


What is the League of Clash Royale?
League Clash Royale (CRL) is the official team of Clash Royale – based on the cyber league. We launched the CRL in 2018, and in conclusion, the top 6 teams from all over the world competed at the World Finals in Tokyo, Japan. We learned a lot of lessons and received good reviews during 2018 … so, thanks to everyone who participated in this, we will strive to realize many of them during 2019! We will focus on optimizing the work of viewers around the world, along with other improvements in the format and content of the tournament.

How old must I be to participate in the CRL?
16 years or more by March 1, 2019.

Road to CRL – what are my chances to join the CRL team if I get 20 wins?
Achieving 20 wins gives you access to the next round – online selection. The winners of the Clash Royale Challenge will receive additional information about the online CRL qualification through their mailbox (located in the upper left corner of the main screen inside the player profile). CRL teams will closely monitor these selections – so be careful!

CRL Online qualifying lists were simple, and what now?
You must be the best of the best! This still does not guarantee a place in the CRL team. Teams have complete freedom to choose (or not to choose) the winners of the competition. The best players from these qualifying tournaments will receive information about their players directly to the CRL teams. From there, teams will determine who they would like to continue to look at and possibly take. The teams are not just looking for a skilled player Clash Royale – they analyze and search for a comprehensive person. This means that they look at the level of maturity, personality, passion, drive and initiative, how you feel about others, online presence, sportsmanship, among other qualities. CRL Teams that are interested in finding out about you will be contacted directly.

What is it like to be in the CRL team?
Supercell is looking for and seeks to work with the best of the best eSports teams in the world. In addition to the organizational structure and business operations, we, among other factors, deeply take into account the attitude to the players and staff, the long-term vision of the competitive Clash Royale, commitment and support for the CRL.

Where is the CRL being played and removed? Do I need to physically move?

  1. CRL West will be played in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  2. CRL Asia will be played and produced in Seoul, South Korea.
  3. CRL China will be played and produced in Shanghai, China.

You MUST be able to come to the tournament. Keep in mind that all CRL regions will consist of 2 seasons (spring and autumn).

Is there a prize pool?
$ 1 000 000 – the full amount of the prize.

I won 20 victories, how can I participate in the WCG?
Achieving 20 victories takes you to the next round: WCG online qualifiers. The winners of the Clash Royale Challenge will receive additional information about WCG online qualifying tournaments through their inbox.

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