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Null’s Royale Private Server with Royal Recruits


This private server Nulls Royale with the update from July 18 with added maps of Royal Recruits (By the way, here you can see the best decks with Royal Recruits or add your deck with these links). The server supports Russian and works stably. Unfortunately, it did not add the game mode – Touchdown. But you still have access to all the delights of the original Clash Royale game: creating clans, friendly fights, losing and getting the cups for losing and winning accordingly.

Recent updates:

  1. Added maps – Giant Snow, Royal Boars, Royal Recruits
  2. Added new emotions
  3. Added Clan Wars
  4. Bug fixes

Teams in the game

/clean — Delete all maps and upload your account. The clan and trophies are not removed.
/skin <Скин> — Change your skin. If no name – it will return the skin by default.
/skin Gold — skin golden
/skin Pump — Elixir Cllector’s Skin
/skin Gem — skin of crystal fever
/skin XMas — New Year’s skin
/skin – will return the skin by default.
/m <Player Tag> — Write a private message to the player.
/king — Get 5 cards of the Barbarian King.
/queen — Get 5 cards of the Archer Queen.
/full — Bump all open cards, raise your level to 13. (available to premium players)
/unlock — Unlock all available maps. (available to premium players)


Download Null’s Royale Private Server 2.3.2

You can download it to your computer, you still need the bluestacks

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