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Nulls Brawl Lou 31.81 Download


The update of the private server Nulls Brawl Stars with the brawler Lou 31.81 was released. the New brawler also received a new skin. Made all the changes from the official version, added a new environment, splash screen.

New Brawler

Lou – a chromatic brawler who throws an ice cream cone at enemies. His gadget is invulnerability in frozen form for 1 second. Super attack, spills syrup, causing enemies to slip. The main attack-shoots ice cream cones causing enemies to freeze.

What else is new in the nulls Brawl private server:

  1. new season of bravel pass-fun holidays
  2. New Lou brawler
  3. New gadgets on Lu and other boitsoa
  4. New emojis
  5. improved map Editor
  6. online fights are Available
  7. Fully pumped fighters
  8. Unlimited coins and crystals

Other skin and character improvements:

8-Bit face animation Update

improved visual effects for silver / gold skins
Now they have a BLING effect!


Available version of the nulls Brawl Stars private server with the Lou brawler with new skins

Download Nulls Brawl Stars with Lou 31.81

Updated APK for November 11, new fighter and all changes from the official version 31.81.

Rebrawl-updated from November 11, latest version

Update Brawl Stars Lou

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