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Null’s Royale 3.2 Private Server with Battle Healer


The Nulls Royale 3.2 private server update has been released with Battle Healer and Elixir Golem. For a long time, the private Nulls Clash Royale server was not updated and here the developers made all the latest changes from the November update of Royale. In addition, tournaments in 2 by 2 battles and much more have been changed and added.

Latest updates:

  1. Yes, finally, we released an update for Null’s Royal. Β This update was added to the content from the last version of the game (and the current season): Target warrior, elixir golem, skins, Emoji.
  2. The Disk button was added: 2v2 and the tests with the train were transferred there. Also updated the interface information on the card.
  3. There are no other special changes that are not connected with the transition to a new version of the game. We pay your attention to the removal of support x86.


Download Nulls Royale 3.2 Private Server

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