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Private Server Master Royale 2.0.11


It’s time to talk about the private server Master Royale. In it, as already accepted in all other private servers an unlimited number of crystals and gold. They can be spent on chests and buying cards. Server Master Royale is a private server, the guys of which do not sell any premium or VIP access, they have everything for free. And this is a great advantage. The server itself is checked, stable and without lags. On it it is possible to conduct both single fights, and 2 on 2.
In the console, you can type / help – and you will open all the possible commands.

  • /max – the maximum level of maps
  • /tourn – the command equates maps to the level
  • /reset – reset the settings to their original

The latest version of these servers, and their 3 s1, s2, s3 2.0.11. They have changed:
Improved server stability
Redesigned commands
Now you can make friendly clan battles
Added mirrored battles
Online Battle (PvP and 2V2) improved
Install the server as usual, download the APK file of a private server, run it either on your android device or on your PC on the blues.

Private Server Master Royale S1 2.0.11

The most popular of all servers is played by many players.

Private Server Master Royale S2 2.0.11

The second server of the guys from Master Royal, deserves attention well, or you can just play on it in the Cleary Royale.

Private Server Master Royale S3 2.0.11

Well, the private server Master Royale s3

Now these are almost the only servers that work constantly. So, thanks to the developers for their work. Do a repost record, so that you can always keep up to date with the updates of the Master Royale private servers.

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