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Miro Royale 2.0 Private Server


There was a new server of the game Clash Royale – Miro Royale. This is a closed server developed by Miro, if you played on private Clash of Clans servers , then you should know them. Quite a good, free server on which by tradition all privates are unlimited for crystals, gold, and then there is also an elixir. There are also cards that are not in the original version, made to order. All rivals, these are real players, fights accordingly pass between you and them. Unfortunately, the game is hosted on only one server and sometimes there are server suspensions when people are flooded. Connection errors or a 50% stop at boot are treated by closing the application and restarting the game in 5-10 minutes.

The version of the server Miro Royale – 2.0 and unfortunately not all maps are added there, so if you want to play with the latest maps, new emoji, it’s better download the private from Nulls Royale . In general, this server has only positive impressions, so boldly download apk Miro Royale and run at least on android, even on the bluestacks.

Server Features:

  1. Individual cards
  2. Unlimited crystals
  3. Unlimited gold
  4. Unlimited Elixir
  5. Ability to create and join clans



Download a private server Miro Royale 2.0

The last server health check is on 08/02/2018

Download the bluestacks for playing on the computer

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