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ReBrawl 71 with Surge, Gale, Nani private server

Remember: using this deck of cards guarantees success only if the cards are upgraded enough. It applies to almost every deck of cards that is published on our site. ReBrawl 71 with Surge, Gale, Nani private server implies having the knowledge of using the existing elixir in the correct way. Never hurry and think before using either of the cards.
The average price of an elixir: 0.00

The reBrawl # 71 27.269 update was released – with the fighters Gale, Nani and changes from version 28.171. Two new custom community maps are now available on reBrawl. The reBrawl community cards are exclusive, you will not find them in the regular Brawl Stars game – Invasive Lawn and Rosa’s Garden. Secret skins: reBrawl has added new skins available for original brawlers, super saiyan fighters and community bravers: NEW: Retro Frank, Zombies, Dragon Tara. Bug fix: reBrawl Classic no longer crashes when using bravers that have old skins. New changes in Rebrawl Mods and Legacy.

To play on any reBrawl server, you must download new client applications. You can find all the information in this thread.
As this release is being prepared for release, we have updated our roadmap. You can see it all here: reBrawl development roadmap.

New brawlers

  1. Gale
  2. Nani
  3. Surge

Because fun is our priority at reBrawl, you start the game with endless coins, gems, tickets, trophies and boxes!
How many boxes can you open before you get bored? We heard that the record is close to 600!


Available version of the private server reBrawl Brawl Stars with Brawler Surge with new skins

Update reBrawl Brawl Stars with Surge

Updated APK Rebrawl Classic, Mods, Legasy with Nani, Gail and version 28.171 changes – updated July 3

Nulls Brawl 28.171

Brawl Stars 28.171

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Cards for defense

In general, it is best to use these cards to defend the base from enemy pushes, the main tank and forces of the attacking group. Also for a counter attack in some situations.

Cards for attacking

You have to use these cards to attack enemy fortification. Do not use them needlessly.

Cards for defense and attack in the air

These cards will be used for defending yourself from flying troops and to attack them

The most powerful card combinations in this deck

Statistics show that most players use these combinations of cards to attack and counter attack. You can use this data or use your own combination, depending on the situation on the arena.

Show the best combinations for this deck

First combination

Second combination

Third combination

Fourth combination – the longest and most dangerous one

Sometimes you have to replace one or two cards in the combinations depending on whether you use it to attack or to organize a defense force. Besides that, we want to emphasize that it’s important to fathom the situation on the area because sometimes the card will fit perfectly with the card or both when using for defense and for attacking and sometimes this combination could be completely unplayable

Possible card replacements "ReBrawl 71 with Surge, Gale, Nani private server":

Below you can see cards that are best to use with each card from this deck, even if the card is not in this shoe. You can also call this a short manual on card replacement.

All data is based on:
  • value correlation of each card
  • speed (for troops)
  • damage of a spell or a unit
  • type of card (building, spell, troops)

Other combinations are playable but not that efficient like the ones mentioned here. We recommend to compare the one mentioned below with the ones that you have in your shoe.

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