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Top 5 private servers Clash of Clans 2018


This is a selection of TOP 5 of the top Clash of Clans private servers on April 13, 2018, which can be downloaded directly from this page. The selection will be constantly updated, so make a repost record or save it to your favorites. Despite the fact that the site is dedicated to Clash Royale game , we will post updates for CoC as well.

We’ll start with the 5th place and so we’ll get to the first one, this is our subjective opinion and, perhaps, one of the servers you like more than he has in our rating.

5 place Private server Clash of Magic 9.434.4-R1

An excellent server, a full description of it here. This developer supports 4 servers

  1. s1 The Black Magic Private Server
  2. s2 The Hall of Magic Private Server
  3. The s3 The Power of Magic Private Server
  4. The s4 The Power of Magic 2 private server

On April 13, all versions of 9.434.4-R1

4 place Private server Clash of Dreams

The version of this server 4.5.1. A good and stable server 24/7. Detailed description of the private CoD server.

3 place Clash of Clans Null’s Private Server

Server from the Russian developers. Unfortunately not very popular and there are not many people there. The version is 9.256. More details about CoC Null’s private server here.

2 place Clash of Clans DarkSoul Private Server

The latest working version of the Clash of Soul server is v7.6.2. Full description of the private server Clash of Soul.

1 place CoC Builder Private Server

An excellent server today – stability and time 24/7. The working version of the CoC Builder server is 031218. A full description of the CoC Builder private server.

At the time of the record update, all servers are working. Have a good game.

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