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Update Clash of Clans 11.185.8 – December 10, 2018


December update Clash of Clans download 11.185.8Today, December 10, 2018 updated Clash of Clans to version 11.185.8. This version included all December additions and balance changes, new units, several spells, new items, and a few bug fixes. It turned out not just an update and global changes and additions to the game CoC. SuperCell for a few days updated its leading games, for us and for them December was a hot month.

What’s new in version 11.185.8

New Units, spells, items

  1. The ice Golem is a New dark Elixir squad that opens in town Hall 11 as you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 8.
  2. The bat spell is a new dark elixir spell that opens in town Hall 10 and is meant to protect the enemy with an army of angry bats.
  3. Stone Breaker is a brand new siege engine TH12, which is aimed at the enemy defenses from the heavens, relieving the destructive boulders and dealing damage from the earthquake.
  4. The obstacle shovel allows you to move one obstacle in your village anywhere on the map
  5. Hero potion will give your hero +5 levels to the maximum allowed for your town hall level

New Levels Of The Building

1. Level 8 dark barracks
Required town Hall level: 11
Upgrade cost: 8 000 000 elixir
Update time: 14 days
Unlocks: ice Golem

2. Dark Spell factory, level 5
Required town Hall level: 10
Upgrade cost: 5 500 000 000 elixir
Update time: 7 days 12 hours
Unlocks: bat spell

3. Level 3 workshop
Required town Hall level: 12
Upgrade cost: 10 500 000
Update time: 10 days
Unlocks: Stone Destroyer

Balance changes

  • Reduction of dps in the wagon with a gun by 15%
  • Make 3rd the wagon with a gun available at level 10 instead of 16
  • Reduce HP Super PEKKA by 5%
  • Increase the health of the dragon 7.5%
  • Reduce the time to upgrade the troops of the base of Builders in the Observatory
  • Make it possible to upgrade the crystal mine To level 3 in the village of level 3 Builders

The Main Village

Extra Bar Layout slots are available
1st additional slot: 1000 gems
The 2nd extra slot: 1500 gems
3rd additional slot: 2000 gems

Other change

Christmas content:

  • Loading screen
  • Festive music
  • Snow effect and snow-covered buildings


  1. Simplified and verified layout of the settings menu
  2. Turn snow on / Off in the “Advanced settings”menu.
  3. Enable / disable 2-row unit deployment panel in Home Village (tablets only, disabled by default)

New achievement:

  • the account login ID Supercell.

Still has changed:

  • Any extra medals of the League in excess of 2500, will receive their awards in the form of gems. Cost sharing – 10 medals for the gems.
  • Players can change their choice of siege machine / clan castle after the battle begins, but before deploying a siege machine.
  • Support for iPad Pro 2018 models
  • Devices with a very wide screen, such as the iphone and Honor P20, will now have a little more room to zoom out so that players can see as many villages as on other devices.
  • The clock tower reinforcement will remain suspended after maintenance
  • Warden mode can be changed during battle before it is deployed
  • Show the gold tab icon in the store. Tab “Treasures”, if you have any suggestions

Error correction:

  • The village editor view mode is not reset to normal when you switch to erase mode when exploration or wall mode is enabled.
  • Hide the effect of unarmed traps when scouting or wall mode is enabled.
  • Fixed (again) Wall Wreckers getting stuck on decorations.
  • Fixed a bug where the clan icon would sometimes blink for 1 frame when the clan Lock is in sleep mode.
  • Donated Siege Machines provides 30 living spaces for clan games.
  • Setting a name during a lesson correctly uses a profanity filter instead of causing an out-of-sync.
  • Before the start of the battle in the village of builders, if you build a defensive building or trap, the icon will display the appropriate level of graphics.

Download Clash of Clans 11.185.8

Update as of December 10, 2018

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